Monday, May 10, 2021

'In Our Lady's Shadow: the Spirituality of Praying for Priests' for Persecuted Christians

 One year ago four seminarians in Sokoto, Nigeria were kidnapped by a band of 45 Muslims. One of them -a courageous saint named Michael -refused to stop preaching the Gospel to his captors and thus they killed him. The murderer, Mustapha Mohammed, arrested by the police, confessed to the crime, claiming that the young seminarian "continued to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ" to his kidnappers. According to Muhammad, they had killed Michael because he kept asking them to repent and change their lives, letting go of their evil attitudes. He said that what bothered them the most was that although Michael knew they were Muslims, he kept insisting that they had to repent and abandon their way of life. This is daily life for priests and seminarians in the Middle East and North Africa.

My new book, "In Our Lady's Shadow: the Spirituality of Praying for Priests," is a book that explores Our Lady's Relationship with Jesus, the Eternal High Priest and how we can enter into that in our prayer for priests. This book would be a great benefit for the priests and seminarians in countries where their lives are daily at risk. It guides these men deep into the relationship Jesus had with His Mother and invites them to enter into that with Her as well -thus strengthening them for their difficult mission of preaching the Gospel while putting their lives daily at risk.
This book would also greatly benefit the religious sisters and lay catechists who daily pray for their priests and the difficult work that they embrace. In Pakistan little prayer groups surrounding this book have already been formed, and they are simply waiting for us to find the funds to print these books (already translated into Urdu).
It is incredible to hear how one little book can totally change a person's life. Yet is is happening because of your generosity every single day.
We would like to print 1000 copies of this book for Pakistan and at least 500 to be given away for free in Nigeria (including to the seminary where Michael attended). PLEASE CONSIDER A DONATION TO OUR GOFUNDME to help print these books! If each one of you gave $10, we could do so, so much!
Spiritual food is of greater importance than even physical food. Thank you so much for feeding these suffering souls the truth and encouragement that only comes from a life lived in union with Jesus and Mary!


Sunday, May 9, 2021

Conversion and Healing of Protestants in Pakistan

 This is so beautiful to hear... (even if sad)...

What a beautiful Mother's Day gift to hear that God is using my little nothing book to touch and heal not only Catholics and Muslims, but Christians of other denominations.
All I can do is thank my Urdu translator in Pakistan Aqif Shahzad for doing such an incredible job gardening and watering the seed of my books in the hearts of his people... Read this testimony below!!!
Come Holy Spirit!
"Greetings and wish you a very happy Mother Day,
Three days ago, I got a call from one pastor (he doesn’t belong to a catholic church -he's some other denomination) and he invited me to conduct a short session for a Mother Day program. I said that I would do it happily and I asked him the purpose of this program.
The pastor said that he has a group of young women in his church. And in this group two women were raped about one year back. Then there is a woman whose husband has been in prison because he was falsely accused of blaspheme, he has been in jail for more than four years.
Then next I was surprised to listen to him. He asked that I please share with my group from the book “Holiness of Womanhood”. I asked him how he knew about this book.
Then I came to know that about a few months back this pastor was attending a prayer service in some other church. And there he heard the witness of three women who got hope, peace, comfort and some kind of conversion after reading this book. So he took my contact number from those women and called me.
Then I said yes, and requested that he should also invite men. Because men must also listen to this all. I believe that in Pakistan many women are being deprived of their rights and dignity because of men.
So I went there and I shared chapter 2 “Woman as Gift” and chapter 4 “Woman as Mother.”
Then at the end when I asked them to reflect about the questions that is given at the end chapter 2
"What are my gifts of my body that God gave to me? How is my body a gift?"
Believe me those women who were raped had tears in their eyes. I asked them to write their feelings to God, their charts ( I gave them charts to write) were wet. Even men had tears in their eyes when they listened to them.
At the end of the program I saw a smile on those women and some hope. I promised them that I would give them some books very soon.
(Here are a) few pictures of this program.
Thank you Jesus, thank you Mother Mary and really thank you Mary Kloska.
We always knew that suffering is bad and curse but after reading your books we know suffering is also a gift of God, suffering is also a sign of love."

Episode 58: Mary Kloska Speaks About Children of the Cross


Title: Episode 58: Mary Kloska Speaks About Children of the Cross
Description: In this episode, Mary encourages the listener's heart with the words of St. Louis de Montfort and St. Edith Stein (who exhort their readers to fight bravely with the weapons of love and the Cross in the spiritual battle of life). She then goes on to talk about her new Apostolate of Prayer called 'Children of the Cross.' She includes an excerpt from St. Pope John Paul II's 'Letter to Children' where he entrusts this world's most difficult battles to their prayer. She gives examples of valiant children saints who did not shy away from extensive prayer and suffering in order to help Jesus in the work of saving souls. This podcast is an invitation to children and adults (with childlike hearts) alike to imitate Jesus' words 'unless you become like a child you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven'.
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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

A Busy Year!!!

 Pretty busy year!

I got these gems published;
I opened an Artist Shop;
I released a music CD;
I have recorded 58 podcasts/radio programs, plus countless interviews;
And I started an Apostolate -'The Children of the Cross' to pray for priests and persecuted Christians.
I've learned that when the impossible is presented to you, you simply have to take baby steps -do what you can -and then little by little you see what the Lord can multiply from your '5 loaves and 2 fish.'
I don't have copies yet of the Urdu translations of all three -but they are available (or will be again soon) in Pakistan.
Also, we have finished 'Out of the Darkness' (Fuera de las Tinieblas…) in Spanish and are awaiting final editing and arrangements. It should be published this week, or soon afterwards.
Also, Saturday I completed the final everything of my 4th book of the year -'A Heart Frozen in the Wilderness: Reflections of a Siberian Missionary' which is all about mission work in Russia and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart (as Mary prophesized at Fatima).
We've arranged printing in the US, Pakistan and Nigeria and I am presently working on arranging printing in Poland, Belize, Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico and a few other African countries (once their translations are completed).
Please keep praying that God sends generous donors to help with the $5000 needed to reprint in Pakistan and Nigeria -so that the persecuted Christians and suffering Muslim women can receive the drink of Truth, Light, Hope, Healing and Peace.
And THANK YOU all for your prayers... I so need them... and please keep praying!
Jesus, we trust in You. +++

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Episode 57: Mary Kloska Speaks About Persecuted Christians and Jesus, the Good Shepherd

 My podcast this week is about modern day martyrs and the persecuted church. Please listen, like and share! 

Title: Episode 57: Mary Kloska Speaks About Persecuted Christians and Jesus, the Good Shepherd

Description: In this episode, Mary talks about the plight of Christians who have suffered (or been killed) because they proclaim and live their faith in Jesus Christ. She tells the story of a Polish family (being considered for canonization) who was killed by the Nazis (the parents, along with their 7 small children -the youngest being half-born when their Mother was shot) because they were hiding Jews during World War II. She continues telling modern day stories of Catholics being persecuted for their faith -especially in the Middle East and Africa -and reads testimonies of how her books are strengthening, healing and helping them. At the end she speaks about Jesus as the Good Shepherd, who promises to gather, protect, provide for and reward His Sheep -especially those who have suffered heroically for His Name.

We need $5000 to print more books in Nigeria and Pakistan. PLEASE CONSIDER A DONATION to one of the gofundmes or directly through me (check) or to my publisher’s 501 tax exempt foundation!!! 









Friday, April 30, 2021

Books in Nigeria!

 The books we had printed in Nigeria are greatly desired by both the seminarians and priests, as well as by the Muslim women... please pray that we can continue to fund these worthy projects!

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

A Talk to Pakistani Altar Boys... come Holy Spirit!

 I thought that all of my friends in Pakistan (as well as young men who serve at Church out there) might appreciate this 20 minute talk that I gave (via YouTube) to a group of young men who are altar servers in Pakistan. Please pray for these courageous young men!!

Please click on it and like it and take a listen...
And please pray for these courageous young men!
Come Holy Spirit!

Here they are at the retreat listening to it!!

Monday, April 26, 2021

Persecuted Christians...

 If your interested in helping persecuted Christians (or even just wondering what life is like for them) I finally gathered together all of the testimonials from emails, texts, etc., sent to me from Nigeria and Pakistan and put them together (with tons of pictures) in one place on my website.

This was so much work.
I don't know how I ever figured out how to do things like making websites and organizing international business deals with translations, promotion, printing and distributing my books (so often for free) in places of the world I know nothing about. If nothing else, it shows the power of what God's grace and love can do through a really little heart...
Check this out (just to make me feel better about all of my work today)! 🙂 I haven't gotten it translated into the 12 other languages on the page yet... that's for this week!

"B" is for "BENEFACTRESS"...

Thank you to Deacon Tom and Dee at RIM Catholic Radio in Payson, Arizona for having me on their radio program a second time (I was on their "O is for OBEDIENCE" show in October 2020). Anyone interested in my work especially among persecuted Christians will enjoy our conversation. My interview begins at minute 10:50...

Catholic Vitamin B: BENEFACTRESS
Posted on April 24, 2021 by Deacon Tom
Many of us are inspired by the great work of others. Sometimes, we wonder how people can accomplish so much! We’ve brought a special guest back to Catholic Vitamins. Her name is MARY KLOSKA. She’s an author, a speaker, an iconographer, a musician. The reason for the return visit is that Mary is becoming an important BENEFACTRESS to people in the United States, but also in foreign lands. Most especially among persecuted Christians. All this, while living a quiet (appearing) life as a nanny in Indiana. How does someone who has a full-time job find time to write… to see to communications with publishers, language conversion friends and specialists? How does she find time to speak with listeners to Catholic Vitamins? We’d say she is grace-powered, and we’re so glad to hear of her success and grace in reaching and helping others.
Mary’s website is We hope you’ll get to know her and her work and products.

To hear the interview please click here!

Happy Good Shepherd Sunday!!

 Happy Good Shepherd Sunday!!

"The Lord IS OUR SHEPHERD so we really shall not want...
... even though we walk through a dark valley, we fear no evil because He is at our side, His rod and staff give us COURAGE..."
Here's a few thoughts I have on the Good Shepherd...

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Episode 56: Mary Kloska Speaks about Living the Mass

 I could much more easily live without food than live without the Mass... here's why.

My podcast this week is in response to a special request from
Adah Johnzion
's Whatsup group of priests, religious, seminarians and lay faithful in Nigeria. I am so happy to spend this hour with them... and with you... explaining the secret of all I do and who I am (that secret being the power, the grace, the love, the direction I receive from Jesus' Eucharistic Heart in daily Mass.)
Title: Episode 56: Mary Kloska Speaks about Living the Mass
Description: In this episode, Mary discusses with the listener the absolute centrality of the Mass in her own vocation and life. She also takes the listener through a prayerful meditation on how she prays each of the different parts of the Mass, offering suggestions as to how they can go deeper in their own prayer during Mass. At the end she encourages them to make living the Mass the source and the summit of all that they do and all who they are.
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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Episode 55: Mary Kloska Speaks on Her Book "In Our Lady's Shadow: the Spirituality of Praying for Priests"

What was Mary's relationship with Jesus, the Eternal High Priest and how can WE enter into that?
It's all here in my book and this podcast walks you through it.
Please LISTEN and LIKE and SHARE...

Title: Episode 55: Mary Kloska Speaks on Her Book "In Our Lady's Shadow: the Spirituality of Praying for Priests"
Description: In this episode, Mary Kloska speaks about her newest book, "In Our Lady's Shadow: the Spirituality of Praying for Priests." She gives a brief history of the book and explains how it could bear great fruit in the life of any priest, mother of a priest or person who is committed to praying for priests.She takes the listener through each chapter explaining both Our Lady's relationship with Jesus as the Eternal High Priest from infancy through His Kingship in Heaven, as well as how the reader can enter into Our Lady's relationship with Jesus and imitate Her. She includes practical suggestions as to how to help and pray for priests, and provides a myriad of examples of holy souls and saints who were either priests or prayer warriors for priests while on earth.
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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Children of the Cross Prayer Group in Pakistan


My translator in Pakistan has done an incredible job forming this little prayer group to meet on Fridays to pray for priests and persecuted Christians, especially in his own country. If you missed my post a few days ago about these new prayer groups, please see it below. I will be starting a prayer group at 3:30 on the First Friday of the month for children to pray for priests and persecuted Christians. All are invited.
Here is Aqif's witness letter about the power of the prayer in these groups. We pray also that God raises up good donors to help us gather a few thousand more dollars to print more books for the persecuted Christians in Pakistan. Come Holy Spirit!

"Greetings to you Mary and Dr. Sebastian
I am very happy to share with you that we had a wonderful prayer session with “Cross of the Children” just now. It was an experience full of the Holy Spirit. Children prayed for all the persecuted Christians in Pakistan and throughout the world. Children also prayed for all the priests in the whole world and also in Pakistan.
We had a special short prayer for the nurses who were recently falsely accused of blasphemy and going through life threats. There were tears in the eyes of all children.
At the end I encouraged all the children to write thank you letters to God for all the priests who always do their best to give us direction.
Next time, I have asked them to bring pictures of the priests and persecuted Christians with them.
I am witnessing that our small room was full of the Holy Spirit.
Thank you to God and thanks to you for your motivation and blessings.
I am sharing a few pictures of today’s prayer session. And please use these pictures to spread our message of peace.
Note: I also need your continued prayers as I have started translating the book “In our Lady’s Shadow – Spirituality of Praying for Priests. I used a few references today from this book and from “Out of Darkness”.
And I am also praying that God may provide us with some funds so to have few more books on Holiness of Womanhood and some free books of “Out of Darkness”
Many people are asking for books but I feel sorry that I cannot give them free. May God provide us some assistance so I may give them as they are really in need.
Once again thanks God for all HE is doing for us. I also thank God for your life Mary. Thanks for being light and hope in our darkness and despair here in Pakistan.