Sunday, January 24, 2021

Episode 43: Mary Kloska Speaks About Her Book, "Out of the Darkness"

 My new podcast this week is about my NEW BOOK, 'Out of the Darkness' -it includes excerpts -be sure to listen and then to get yourself a book for Lent!

See my book page for more details:
Title: Episode 43: Mary Kloska Speaks About Her Book, "Out of the Darkness"
Description: In this episode, Mary Kloska takes the listener through the history that was behind the publishing of her newest book, 'Out of the Darkness.' She explains in depth the two parts of the book and their respective chapters. Both at the beginning and the end of the episode, she reads an excerpt from the book to give the listeners a better feel for the spirituality behind the writing. This episode itself is as if a mini-retreat which condenses the rich content contained in "Out of the Darkness" into bite size pieces for people to meditate on -and it inspires the listener to get a copy of their own in order to go deeper into an understanding of Jesus' suffering and love.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

My book "The Holiness of Womanhood" is being printing in Northern NIGERIA!!

 My book "The Holiness of Womanhood" is being printing in Northern NIGERIA!!

This is really miraculous.
I wrote this book hoping that I could help Americans with the same material that I helped the rest of the missionary world with for many years. And yet, God always overdoes our expectations. Instead, it has somehow reached our severely persecuted Christian brothers and sisters all over the world and they are thrilled to work with me to get it printed more affordably in their own country. It will be spread much less expensively than here (and there's absolutely no profit in third world countries -in fact, it costs me to do this) and those who receive or buy copies are already planning meetings where they gather large numbers of illiterate women to read and guide through the teachings in this book. Pope John Paul II, Archbishop Fulton Sheen and St. Edith Stein have got to be thrilled that their teachings on women are being spread this way.
These books in Northern Nigeria will be given away for free -primarily to priests and seminarians all over the country. The plan is to get them into every seminary and university, so that the people formed there can go out and teach the others. We also have 50 of the 300 books accounted for going to a priest who works in the North to rescue abused women threatened by death. If you give birth to multiples (twins or triplets) in the North, you are considered cursed and both the mother and children are buried alive. This priest rescues them, but now he will be able to share this book with them to heal their hearts and help them to understand their true dignity. Most of the North is Muslim and it is beautiful to me that a priest is saving Muslim women. And it is amazing that I specialize as a nanny in multiples (twins and triplets) and that now my books will save these 'special children' of mine.
I blurred the faces and names on these pictures because several priests have been murdered in the past few weeks in the North simply for being Christian. We already encountered problems with the persecuted Church in other countries so we want to keep some of this quiet. And yet, Jesus said, 'Do not be afraid! And let your light shine before men!' and so I agreed to share these pictures with you so that you can see the physical fruit of our efforts.
If you feel called to support providing these books (and the healing it brings to both men and women) to the persecuted Church (in Nigeria, in Pakistan, in Zanzibar or another place) please consider donating to my GoFundMe for that purpose. It will be used for the greatest need unless you specify wanting to help a particular group or country.
Please pray for this -for protection, for fruitfulness, for donations, for LIFE...
Thank you and God bless you!!
Fundraiser by Mary Kloska : The Holiness of Womanhood for Persecuted Christian (

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Episode 42: Mary Kloska Speaks about the Mystery of the Infant Crucified Christ

 Many people ask why I always include signs of Jesus’ Passion on Baby Jesus. It is because it is truth- He was the crucified Savior from the beginning.

And for that reason He is able to help all innocent victims of suffering- especially sadly remembering this week the victims of legalized abortion in America (the abuse and murder of children in the very wombs of their mothers.)
To go deeper into understanding this little Victim Who I so love, please LISTEN and SHARE.
Title: Episode 42: Mary Kloska Speaks about the Mystery of the Infant Crucified Christ
Description: In this episode, Mary explains the mystery of Jesus' suffering, even still while an infant. She also explains how Jesus' Heart -being totally sinless -remained exactly like a small child's in purity, in sensitivity, in trust -even as He grew into an adult. This is the cause of Christ's greatest suffering on the Cross. His Heart in the Crib, on the Cross and then in the Eucharist is the same exact Heart. For this reason, Mary explains, it is necessary to look upon Baby Jesus Crucified -both to understand the depths of Jesus' Love on the Cross, as well as to console Him Whose Heart wept from the first moments of His kenosis. She also explains how baby Jesus crucified is the remedy Who saves all innocent life that suffers on earth.
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Out of the Darkness...

 My NEW BOOK is available now! Get yours for Lent!

My Dad said, “I have read this and when you do you will never see the suffering and passion of Jesus in the same light as you have in the past!”
“His judgment is sound who fears the LORD;
out of obscurity he draws forth a clear plan.” (Sirach 32:16)
"... It is in the darkness of the Cross that the Father’s plan of Salvation is carried out. It is in Jesus’ weak littleness on the Cross, offered to the Father in Love, that the Father carries out His great plan to conquer death and sin. It is out from the darkness, obscurity and pain of the Cross that we are healed, saved and guided by Jesus’ clear Light of Love. It is from His Death that we are given Life. And so as we unite with Him in deep Christian Love, we will come to be one with Him in His dark Love. It will be from within the dark, unclear places of our lives that the Father’s faithful Hand will guide. It will be from our little deaths in life that God places His Life within us. It will be from our weakness, offered to the Father, where He will place His powerful Crucified and Resurrected Love. This is our hope and our joy: that out, from the darkness in our lives, He will draw forth a rich plan of His Love. In this, we will be like His Son Jesus..."

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

"Out of the Darkness..." -NOW AVAILABLE

 I just published another book- about the interior sufferings of Jesus.

My publisher decided to publish this now so that you have a chance to get it for Lent.
The kindle is available and the print book should be ready for my birthday tomorrow.
(More for your own benefit than mine.) 🌹
"When St. Paul arrived in Corinth and began evangelizing, he told the Corinthians he did not come to share any worldly wisdom or lofty rhetoric, but only the simple, gospel truth of Jesus Christ, and him... crucified (1 Corinthians 2:1-2).
In her new book... Out Of The Darkness... author, artist, and musician, Mary Kloska, follows along this same, powerful path. Unfortunately, due to the hedonistic cultural milieu that dominates our society, following the path of Jesus crucified is a rather lonely journey. Even in those few sectors where Christianity is still practiced, emphasis on the cross is noticeably diminished if not clearly absent (e.g. the "prosperity gospel").
Having said this, it would be hard to imagine a more timely spiritual treatise than this one. The author takes the reader deep into the beauty, mystery, wisdom and power of Jesus crucified by way of spiritual insights and observations that are fresh, inspiring, and wonderfully invigorating. Like a rainstorm in the desert, this book is entering into the "spiritual void" of our times and will almost certainly become a Lenten staple as well as a focal point for The New Evangelization."
Fr. Lawrence Edward Tucker, SOLT Author: The Prayer of Jesus Crucified: a simple way to go further in prayer; Adventures in The Father's Joy! mission stories for the new evangelization; To Whom The Heart Decided To Love; The Redemption Of San Isidro: a tale of mercy and love

For Amazon... click here...

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Episode 41: Mary Kloska Speaks on Birthdays and Baptisms

 This week is my birthday, which I love to celebrate! I always celebrated big with Jesus, even when I spent it alone.

But bigger than my birthday on January 13th, I celebrate in my heart February 13th, which is one month later -the day I was baptized. Baptism made me a daughter of the Father in Heaven.
This week we celebrate the Feast of Jesus' Baptism in the Jordan. And so I have tied all of this together in my radio program/podcast about 'Birthdays and Baptisms'. Please LISTEN, LIKE, SHARE and make sure your kids are baptized 🙂.

Title: Episode 41: Mary Kloska Speaks on Birthdays and Baptisms
Description: In this episode, Mary speaks about the sanctity of human life from the beginning of conception. She explains how God created each of us with a plan for our lives from the first moment of our existence, the importance of our name and the celebration of our birthdays. She ties this into Jesus' infancy, name and birth. Mary also discusses the importance of our Baptism -when we are made to be children of God. She draws from Jesus' Baptism and the Catechism to open up the mysteries surrounding this central Sacrament, which makes each soul back into a child of God.

Polish, Spanish and English.... Bearing God's Fruit!


My tree is growing! I feel like this tree in the last picture... I can’t keep up.

***If you read my book and liked it, please leave a review on Amazon (although several of you told me that you tried and were having problems... but please keep trying!) Thank you. +++
Jeśli znasz kogoś (lub jakieś parafie, ośrodki rekolekcyjne lub księgarnie) w Polsce (lub polską sekcję Chicago lub Grand Rapids, MI), kto byłby zainteresowany moim polskim tłumaczeniem "Świętości kobiecości", przekaż Amazon link (dla osób fizycznych) i link do strony książki mojego wydawcy (dla księgarń, szkół i grup kupujących hurtowo - którym przysługuje zniżka). I proszę, módlcie się o tę pracę !!!
If you know anyone (or any parishes, retreat centers or bookstores) in Poland (or the Polish section of Chicago or Grand Rapids, MI) who would be interested in my Polish translation of "The Holiness of Womanhood", please pass on the Amazon link (for individuals) and my publisher's book page link (for bookstores, schools, and groups who buy in bulk- who get a discount). And please pray for this work!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2021




Many of you saw my prayer request this week for Bishop Moses who was kidnapped in Eastern Nigeria. Usually the persecution of Christians is in the North, and the Church is rather safe in the South/East. But not anymore.
This following news article was passed on to me earlier this week -on the same day, actually, as a request from a Vincentian seminarian in Nigeria to please help him somehow get copies of my book, 'The Holiness of Womanhood' spread throughout the Muslim North where he lives (and all of Nigeria, actually). I had mailed him a copy a couple of months ago and he shared it with his fellow seminarians and they are on fire to get this message of the dignity and vocation of women to all the African people. He said that a couple of days ago he was in a store and a Muslim man walked in bragging that he had beaten one of his wives to a pulp. This courageous seminarian (not revealing who he was) actually approached this man (a Muslim, mind you, similar to those below who are killing Christians) and spent a few hours explaining to him about the dignity of women and his duty as a man to protect them, based in what he read in my book.
The Holy Spirit has set this man so on fire about the Church's teaching that he found in the book that he has sought out Nigerian printers to help print the book there for much cheaper than we can here and then ship them. I ask for your prayers for this project.
His plan (with his brother seminarians and priests) is to take this message one man and woman at a time to the hearts of those they work and live among (regardless of religion). Yet, like in Pakistan, we need your help.
I do not have the details of this project yet as they are still forming, but I do know that I need donors to help fund the initial printing. Our desire is to get as many books as possible into the hands and hearts of the Africans -especially in Nigeria where the persecution of the Church is so great. I have similar requests from priests working with young girls in Zanzibar (a country that is almost totally Muslim). These men risk their lives to do this -all we ask of you is to prayerfully consider donating the price of a cup of coffee to make books available to the poorest women and those who care for them. Eventually the hope would be to have some given away even for free in Nigeria (if I can come up with enough money.) And we will need to provide them for free to the young girls in the Christian school in Zanzibar.
For now, please consider helping the priests and seminarians of Nigeria with this project. Although I am still in debt from what I provided for Pakistan, I will allocate ALL donations DURING THE MONTH OF JANUARY (unless you otherwise specify to me) given to my GoFundMe page for books for persecuted Christians to this project in Nigeria. JANUARY 13TH IS MY BIRTHDAY! Please, donate to this fund so we can save the bodies, minds and souls of women (often abused) in this great African country who provides most of our missionary priests in the US.

Monday, January 4, 2021

This new year -consecrate your children to the Precious Blood of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Act of Consecration to the Precious Blood and Blessed Virgin for Children

Blood of my Savior, a thousand times adorable! Blood a thousand times Precious! Thou, Which dost adorn the baptismal innocence of children, deign to bless this young soul whom we consecrate to Thee this day. O sweet Jesus! Hide beneath the vivifying waves of Thy Most Precious Blood thy little (name) so that he (she) may grow in grace and holiness all the days of his (her) life. Deign to look upon him (her) as a perpetual adorer of Thy Divine Blood in as far as the designs of Providence will permit and grant that all his (her) prayers, deeds and sacrifices may be so many acts of reparation and love.
O Immaculate Virgin, ever spotless through the Blood of Jesus, thou who art called the ‘Flower of the Field’ and the ‘Lily of the Valley’, look down lovingly from thy heavenly throne upon this dear child. May he (she) grow up also under Thy maternal care, shielded by Thy blessings, and may every day of his (her) life be marked by Thy benefits.
Most Holy Virgin whom the Church calls ‘Morning Star,’ shine upon this soul now commencing his (her) earthly pilgrimage, preserve him (her) from all harm, and until the last moment of his (her) life, may he (she) keep pure and unsullied the robe with which, through the Blood of Jesus, he (she) was robed in holy Baptism. Take his (her) family also under Thy protection, O Mary. Bless his (her) pious parents, remove far from them every temporal or spiritual misfortune, and may peace, charity and all virtues dear to thy pure and holy heart dwell ever in their midst. Amen.


Sunday, January 3, 2021

Episode 40 -Mary Kloska Speaks about Jesus and the Work of the Father's Divine Providence


My podcast this week is about God's Hand and Divine Providence in just about everything that happens to us in life.
Seriously, He is totally in control even in the midst of the worst things that happen... His Love sees and moves everywhere and He makes 'all things work for the good of those who love Him.' (Romans 8:28)
I am sure that EVERYONE who lived through 2020 would be interested in knowing what the saints would say about God's Love for us this year. +++
Title: Episode 40 -Mary Kloska Speaks about Jesus and the Work of the Father's Divine Providence
Description: In this episode, Mary touches again on the topic of God the Father's action of Divine Providence in the life of Jesus, the Holy Family and in the lives of each soul created by Him in Love. She explains how God's action of love is present in each situation we encounter in life and how it is by surrendering to His will in everything that we become saints. Surrendering to Divine Providence simply means living 'Fiat' in imitation of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Mary relies heavily on the teachings about God's presence in the present moment, in one's ordinary daily duty and trustfully surrendering to the Divine Providence as laid forth by Fr. Jean Pierre de Caussade and St. Claude de la Colombière.

Thursday, December 31, 2020


Our books have been printed in Pakistan!
We are so excited to start distributing and selling them next week. The first group will be sold to make enough money for additional printings, from which the free books will be given away. The women of Pakistan suffer so greatly. ABC news ran an article this week about how 1000 girls are kidnapped or tricked and then forced to convert to Islam -many of them young girls of ages 13 or 14 forced to marry 45 year old men. It is very disturbing.
Women in general are not respected in this area of the world -and now for the first time they will have an opportunity to learn the Catholic Church's teaching on the dignity and vocation of women as taught by our holy St. Pope John Paul II, St. Edith Stein and Archbishop Fulton Sheen. I wonder if these saints ever dreamed that their beautiful teachings would be used to heal the wounded women of the Middle East by their work being translated into Urdu. For more information on the situation of these suffering girls in Pakistan, please see:
And PLEASE CONSIDER A DONATION to make this book available for free for these wounded women and those who care for them.
Just $5 provides a book for one of them.
What a wonderful way to end the Year and to honor Our Lady on Her Feast Day tomorrow -as the Mother of God.
Each book you donate to Our Lady's daughters in Pakistan is like a ROSE offered to Our Lady in Love. In fact, one book to heal one soul is worth more than an entire Church full of roses.
If we can raise enough money for this project in Pakistan, I have priests who work with young Christian women/girls in other Muslim areas of the world (Zanzibar, for example) who have requested copies of this book in English as well.
Our Lady of Pakistan, pray for us!
Our Lady of the persecuted ones, pray for us!
Fundraiser by Mary Kloska : The Holiness of Womanhood for Persecuted Christian (
Click HERE to donate!!

Sunday, December 27, 2020

The Holy Family in a Siberian Forest


Happy Feast of the Holy Family!

Here's my new icon with the Holy Family (inspired by a Siberian Forest).

St. Joseph has green -as the earthly father of Jesus. Mary is surrounded by yellow, white and pink -'overshadowed by the heavenly presence' of the Holy Spirit. St. Joseph has purple roses on his garment -the suffering he will hiddenly endure as the husband of Mary and the father of Jesus. Mary has red roses -the suffering she will live in union with Her Son. Baby Jesus is clothed by the green of his earthly father -for He was fully human and part of the earthly Holy Family. But He also is surrounded by the yellow and white -the Divine Love of Heaven -as the Word made Flesh, the Second Person of the Trinity. He is surrounded -the little 'rose bud' ("A shoot shall sprout from the stump of Jesse" (Isaiah 11:1) -with the purple and red roses of Joseph and Mary. Jesus is encircled with light -as the 'Little Eucharistic Victim' -whose hands and heart are already pierced with nails and pouring forth little drops of blood for us.
And the Holy Family is in a Siberian Forest -like a desert -and yet there is something regal in this natural cathedral in the woods. Jesus came not only for the people of Israel, but for all peoples of all times... including those hidden in the tiny wood cabins in Siberia who hid their Church's icons and chalices under their beds for years during Communism. The Immaculate Heart will Triumph through Russia, Our Lady said in Fatima... and where the Immaculate Heart triumphs, Jesus' Sacred Heart leads and St. Joseph's Heart is united to them through love protecting them.
Merry Christmas.
To purchase copies of this icon, please see my Artist Shop (link is HERE -there are often very good sales 15-30% off and free shipping if you watch for sales). The prints are all good -I was having a problem editing the journals, pillows, mugs, etc., -so if you are interested in these please give me a few hours for the issue to be resolved. Thank you!!:

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Title: Episode 39: Mary Kloska Speaks on the Virtues and Worship of Baby Jesus


Title: Episode 39: Mary Kloska Speaks on the Virtues and Worship of Baby Jesus

Description: In this episode, Mary speaks about the Infant Christ, focusing on the virtues that Baby Jesus shares with us. She calls the listener to reflect on ways that they can become more childlike in imitation of our God Who chose to come to earth as a small infant. She explains how Jesus lived worship and praise of His Father in Bethlehem, on the Cross and in the Eucharist -and how we are called to imitate Him in this.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Episode 38: Mary Kloska Speaks on the Desert that Becomes a Garden for Advent

 "I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her heart." -Hosea 2:14

Title: Episode 38: Mary Kloska Speaks on the Desert that Becomes a Garden for Advent
Description: In this episode, Mary speaks about the call of the human heart to enter into the desert with Christ to prepare for His coming at Christmas. After introducing the desert call, Mary shows how the Lord turns the wilderness into a garden where the soul meets with Him in Love. Focusing on Isaiah and other Old Testament texts, in addition to excerpts from the Song of Songs, the Gospels and her own reflections, Mary leads the listener through a journey of purification in the desert to the joy of union with Jesus in a beautiful garden that gives life to the soul.

Monday, December 14, 2020